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State Championship


April 10-13, 2019

FRC3546 Buc'n'Gears



  • UL Star of the Day Alexandra H 

    Our safety captain won UL Star of the day, once again, at WM District. Well done Alexandra!

  • West Michigan District March 24 and 25

    Buc'n'Gears will be participating at the West Michigan District March 24 and 25 at the Allendale GVSU campus. 

  • 3546 takes 2nd Place at St Joe District

    3546 was selected by the 2nd alliance at St Joe District Mar 11th. Team 85, 3546 and 4409 nearly pulled off the victory in the third round of finals. The also won the Industria Safety Award.

  • Kick-Off Saturday 10am!

    2017 starts Saturday! Meeting in the LGI at 10am. Remember to bring a dish to pass. Family members are welcome to come and if you are handy in the shop bring your safety glasses and power tools! We will start building the field elements.

  • Visit to Shape Corp

    The team visited the folks at Shape Corp this week. Awesome tour! We seen their powerful machines pulling, bending and shaping large pieces of metal! Arrgh, arrgh, arrgh! (that was my Tim the Toolman impression in case you didn't know) We look forward to the team at Shape helping out with the build season as a new part sponsor.

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